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Parts & Ordering

The New Parts photograghed will greatly improve the reliability your 9" LSD has always needed. No longer will you ever suffer having a CRACKED & BROKEN Carrier Cover Plate, or a worn out thin Axle Side Gear Spline or a sheared off Axle Spline End. Because what we have Manufactured makes the standard Ford Componentry obsolete.

Our LSD Carrier Cover Plate is made of High Tensile Steel, it will not crack, unlike the Standard S.G. Iron Cover Plate.

The thin 5/8" Long (Wide) Standard Ford LSD Axle Gear has been redesigned to be 1 3/16" Long, so that the full width of the Axle Gear will connect to the Axle Spline, saving expensive Axle and Side Gear replacement. The New Axle Gear has a 2" Splined Journel that will Spline fit inside the speciallly manufactured Clutch Hub.

N.B. When Ordering Kits, state Spline requirement ie. Ford or Holden 28, Ford 31, Hilux 30, Bedford 21 Transit 20. We can Broach or Spline generate any Spline form.

The New Right-Hand Side AXLE GEAR has been manufactured with a 1/8" Larger Diameter and a 1/4" Longer Journel, to stop the common Journel cracks that happen to the 31 Splined Axle Gears.

The Kit can be supplied with both AXLE GEARS or without the Right-Hand Side Axle Gear, (because the 28 Spline Axle Gears have thicker Journels than 31 Splined Axle Gears and Journel fatigue is not apparent with the 28 Splined Axle Gears).

Parts & Ordering
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