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Jack McNamara Differential Specialist Pty. Ltd. is a family run Company established in the 1930's specializing in general Differential Repairs. With over 50 years of experience in the Differential field we have developed and manufactured Differentials & Diff Components that have improved and strengthened various Differentials, in particular for 4 Wheel Drive vehicles.

The 4WD products we manufacture date back some 20 years with Australia's first Manual Locking Differential which is still in demand and production for Land Rovers. From this experience and further development we now have manufactured 4WD Vacuum Locking Differentials & Locking Carriers for a wide range of 4WD vehicles and are able to provide Professional advice on the improvement & strengthening of 4WD Differentials, whether these are used for normal off-road usage in all types of terrain or for Off-Road Rallying Etc.

Our fully equipped Engineering Workshop comprises some 13,200 Sq. Feet, with main Machinery being CNC Lathe. CNC Drilling, Hobbing, Milling, Gear Shaping Broaching, together with Tool & Cutter, Cylindical & Surface Grinding Machines.

The Companies family members are fully qualified Engineers, whilst all our Workshop Employee's are qualified Engineers, Fitter & Turners & Mechanics.

With all raw material used in our, manufactured products such as, Hypoid Diff Centres, Vacuum Locking Units, Axles etc. being of the highest quality and standard and that our products are produced by our fully skilled workforce, we can assure a first class finished product with money-back guarantee on our manufactured Differential Products & Diff Components.

Our products have been tried and proven throughout Australia for over 20 years and we are now exporting our manufactured 4WD Differential products to markets such as, USA, Canada, U.K., Finland, Turkey, Malta, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia & Japan. Also Overseas Agents/Distributors have been appointed in some markets to date. For a list of stockists and distributors click here.

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