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The Vacuum Operated 4 Pinion Gear Locking Differential Carrier (pictured), can be manufactured to fit most conventional automotive Differentials. Pictured below with the LOCKING CARRIER, is the LOCKING CARRIERS INTERNAL LOCKING RING and AXLE GEAR.

The size of the Locking Ring makes this Diff Lock extremely STRONG in operation.

The Diff Lock should preferably be operated while the vehicle is in motion. Road Speed is of no concern while operating the Diff Lock, so long as straight line driving is taking place - because the Carrier Locking Ring and Axle Gears are all rotating at the same synchronised speed to one another.

The Diff Lock Kit is supplied with a Cabin Warning Light which is a "Light Emitting Diode" (L.E.D. System). The L.E.D. will change from Green to Red when the Differential Lock is Engaged, and Green when Disengaged, so that the operator will always be aware the Diff Lock is either Fully Engaged or Fully Disengaged.

The Engine Vacuum or Alternator Vacuum Pump Supply is drawn through a Water Trap mounted under the bonnet. The Water Trap also acts as a Vacuum Reservoir because of a Non-Return Valve, a 5 Port Pneumatic Valve is used to operate the Diff Lock.

The Differential's Alloy Actuator, causes the Carriers External Slip Ring to Engage the Internal Locking Ring over the Lockable Axle Gear. At each end of the Actuator there are Limit Stops, which cause the L.E.D. Warning Light to change colour.

Currently this VACUUM DIFF LOCK is available for;

  • Toyota HILUX (PICKUP in USA)
  • LAND ROVER (both "Rover" & Salisbury)
  • DANA 60 & 70
  • TRANSIT VAN and Ford F150 (Salisbury Diff)

    With this Design there are no encumbrances on Axle Size usage, as our AXLES range in size from 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" in diameter. With our Range Rover Units we can supply either 24, 30 or 31 Splined Axles. Our Land Rover units (both Rover and Salisbury Diffs) can be supplied with 24, 30 & 31. The Salisbury Diff can have up to 35 Splined Axles which are 1 1/2" in Diameter.

    Air operated locking carrier units are also available as above, refer to Parts & Ordering for images of these units.

    If you are interested in this Differential Lock Design for your vehicle - please contact us.

    Parts & Ordering | How it works
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